lost five pounds, going shopping!

Okay, so I know that my ~official~ weigh-in isn't until Sunday but unless I really screw up the next two days [and I won't!], this morning's weight has passed the five pounds lost mark. I've been having a GREAT week, despite injured ankle, and the scale's been steadily moving downward. I've been hitting all my nutrition targets, especially protein [six days in a row! This is a HUGE improvement for me!], and getting in plenty of strength training while my ankle rests. And it's definitely all paying off.

Anyway, I was planning on going shopping on sunday for new workout shoes [my five pound reward, if you'll remember] but my mom said she can only go tonight, so I'm claiming an early victory over these pounds and buying new shoes tonight. After all, it's not like I don't need them. I do, desperately. So away we go! [In six hours.] Hopefully I'll find a good pair and won't have to wait some more to go to another town to the store I've always gotten my shoes from in the past [I love that store but it's in the complete opposite direction of everywhere else we need to go tonight].

Last night I went grocery shopping and let me tell you, if anyone feels like their weight training routine is lacking... come carry my groceries home. My arms are getting stronger and yet this was STILL a struggle. [I also think I bought heavier groceries than usual, oops.] But I finally managed to find quinoa at this store, so I was excited. I also stocked up on dried beans [cheaper AND lighter to carry home!] and lots of vegetables... oh yeah, and lots of tofu! I get a look from the cashier every time I bring up my six packages of tofu [well, six usually, only four yesterday because they were out of silken tofu] but whatever.

My ankle didn't like carrying the extra weight home, but it didn't protest too loudly and seems to be fine today. So I think it's almost ready for cardio again. Hopefully the new shoes will improve it further, but I'm not going to force it when it's not ready. As this week has proven, I can still lose weight without cardio exercise. I just... really miss it. AND I WANT TO START RUNNING!

Okay, time to go do my strength training while I impatiently wait for the day to pass faster.