Injuries, ahoy!

So, I managed to twist my ankle the other day, the ankle that had just recovered from a minor injury the week before. Of course! It's not too bad, just a little sore but was twinge-y yesterday when I wasn't careful about how I stepped. So, I took it easy yesterday... or at least, on my ankle. Not so easy on the rest of my body. [I'm a huge klutz and have had woefully weak ankles my entire life so I've learned lots of cardio to do that doesn't bother it.] Sadly, I had to skip my "official" workout on EA Active's 30 day challenge because it involved lots of jumping, but I got in a different workout instead. I also did 15 minutes on My Fitness Coach [I love these Wii games!], that was at the beginning to just see if my ankle would hold up [it did]. And finally, towards the end of the day, I got a brief kettlebell workout in. Altogether, I did 49 minutes of cardio! Not bad for suffering from an injury.

I'm trying to work through some negativity I have. Recently, every time I've set my mind to exercise and get fit, I've suffered an injury just as I was settling into a routine. The injuries are always just coincidental, I'm not working out improperly or anything, I just have a broken body and this is the norm, sadly. But something always pops up a few days into a new routine, when the routine is so new that it throws me off balance and I end up dropping everything. Not just exercise, but also healthy eating and those habits I was trying to establish. As a result, it's another couple of months before I get back to exercise, usually with a few more pounds added on, and then the whole process happens again with a new injury. And I have this fear that it'll happen again, with this ankle. So I'm determined to just push through this little setback, do what workouts I can, and not give up just because of a small injury. Because injuries are very discouraging, but I also know that this is the price I pay for letting my body lose what strength it had built up through exercise a few years ago.

As it is, my ankle seems to be feeling a *lot* better today, so we'll see how exercise goes. I don't think I'm up to jumping on it just yet, but maybe everything else will be fine.

[My best friend is suffering from torn ligaments in her ankle, she hurt her ankle the same way i did, so we've founded the "stupid ankles club" and have been sending each other complaints about not being able to work out properly. At least there's some consolation...]