Traveling yesterday left me completely exhausted by the time I got in around 4pm, and that weariness stayed with me until about noon today. So, I counted yesterday as a rest day. No problem with that! After all, I usually give myself one of those every week and I saved it from Sunday, my normal rest day, this week. So no guilt here!

This morning, I was supposed to go to Boston to hang out with a couple friends but I was just so exhausted still that I canceled. Instead, I finally pulled myself together around 11am and decided to start on my spring project: converting the basement into a workout room! The basement used to be, a long, long time ago, a functional area of the house… it was my grandfather's workstation [his tool bench and everything is still set up there], along with other things, but it's since become a catch-all for anything the family didn't feel like throwing out in the 60+ years they've lived here [at least I know where my packrat tendencies come from].


This is the area I want to clean out and convert. It'll be great for the summer, a nice cool area when the rest of the house is sweltering [no air conditioning in the house, and I overheat very easily when exercising]. I'm excited for it… if I get it cleaned out in time! Today, I spent an hour and a half down there just cleaning out the cobwebs! It's pretty much cobweb free now, though, so that's exciting. I also moved a few things to a different storage area/to be thrown out, so it's a start!

Getting up and working on that got me energized so after lunch, I finally got some exercise in. 25 minutes on the Wii [EA Active 2], and then eventually buckled down and did 30 Day Shred. Ahh, I'm starting this again. Okay, I've done this before but really only when I was at/near goal and fit/working out every day. I tried doing it in December but that was when I was unknowingly suffering from a protein deficiency, and my muscles would take 2-3 days [at least] to recover. I thought it was just because I was so out of shape but no, it turned out that I had a deficiency. So, after a few attempts at that, I stopped… especially when the deficiency got so bad that I couldn't walk anymore. ANYWAY, now that that's all cleared up and my ankle is finally healed as well, I'm starting it back up and honestly? The first few minutes were hard to get through [but they always are, for some reason] but then it wasn't too bad. Not nearly as much of a shock to my system as I expected [but we'll see what my muscles say in the morning!]. Anyway, this time I hope to make it through the entire thing by the end of April [I'm giving myself a head start!]. Then it's onto more intense stuff.

Then, later, I did a kettlebell workout and my regular strength training. I'm at that odd middle point where modified pushups are really easy [the beginning of the month, I struggled to do just a few] but regular pushups are more of a challenge than I can handle at the moment. So for right now, I'm doing 5 regular pushups and then 10 modified per set. I'll eventually add more regular pushups, which is EXCITING! My bicep muscles are starting to show through all the fat, which is kind of awesome.

Today was rainy and the weather's supposed to be pretty dismal the rest of the week, but I'm hoping to take my bike out at some point. I'm going to start running on Monday, my ankle is finally healed and has been handling the little sprints I've been doing with no problem. I've decided to run a 5K in mid-July so I have to start getting ready! To say I'm excited is an understatement. I'm planning on doing a Color Run, and am trying to convince my sister to do it with me.

ALSO, I feel like I need to mention this. Today marked 30 days of being on plan! Maybe that's not a huge deal, in the grand scheme of things, but it's pretty big to me. I haven't had a streak like this in years. I'm definitely going to keep this going, because I feel GREAT!