hello, new shoes!

Okay, I wrote this morning about my ankle causing yet more problems, despite being absolutely fine when I woke up and me resting it a LOT. I had this whole entry about perseverance and even though my ankle was testing my will, I was going to succeed.

Well, it turned out to just be a cramp [that lasted about twenty minutes, but whatever] that went away with a little massaging. So that entry is scrapped. On the other hand, we can focus on MY BRAND NEW RUNNING SHOES!


Say hello to… wait, do people name their running shoes? Do I care? Anyway, say hello to my new shoes that will have a name at some point, possibly. I am SO excited about them, despite being wary about skecher making running shoes [apparently they're surprisingly good, from reading reviews on running blogs…]. I've never had a pair of skechers shoes, running or not, in my life, so it'll be an experiment to see how they hold up [most regular shoes rarely pass the three month mark with me. I'm notoriously destructive with shoes, for some reason]. Also, they were only $35 [yay for my mom and her coupons! Their regular price was $65], which is a price that fits nicely into my budget [I have $100 for the foreseeable future] but… also makes me even more wary. look, i've never bought a pair of athletic shoes for under $80 that held up well. But, for $35, they seem nice enough. For all that my feet are destructive of shoes, they're not really fussy when it comes to different models. my ankle, especially, enjoyed the change from my falling-apart-and-offering-no-
support-whatsoever shoes. I can't wait to take them out for a proper spin… but my ankle's not up to that challenge yet.

I did do some light cardio today, and I mean *light*. Burned 50 calories in a half hour. I'd say it almost wasn't even worth it, but… burning any calories is always worth it. My ankle held up through it, but I'm not going to stress it just for the sake of getting a good calorie burn. I know fully too well that that would end up with me being unable to use it for another week or more! Anyway, I'm hoping that if everything goes well, I'll be able to go for a trial run [and by run, I really mean "fast walking with the occasional slow, painful jog" because it's been almost a year since I ran properly] on Tuesday, before I head down to New York for some house sitting. While I'm in New York, I'll be taking care of a huge Great Dane/pitbull mix who's VERY energetic, so I'm sure we'll be getting lots of exercise in!

Anyway, my mom dropped off Wii Sports last night when she came over to go shopping, so I plan on getting some boxing in on it now. That'll work up a good sweat, if I remember correctly. It was always one of my favourites! We also went grocery shopping while we were out, and even went to Whole Foods, so I was able to get specialty vegan things like seitan [!!!] and veggie dogs, and protein powder. So now I'm well prepared for days that I'm falling short on protein. Also, my fridge is stocked with fruits and veggies and I AM SO EXCITED THAT FRESH FRUIT IS IN SEASON AGAIN.