Looking for the bike path

Today, I was determined to go for a walk/partial jog. It was beautiful outside from the moment I woke up, but first I had some things to take care of. The hardest task every morning is to actually get out of bed… I'm not kidding! With nothing actually forcing me out of bed, or at least to stay out of bed [because the cats will get me up eventually, but I can go right back to bed after they're fed], it's a mental challenge I have to go through every morning. What can I say, when I'm left to my own devices, I'm inherently lazy.

But get out of bed I did, and I had breakfast, did my morning sparkpeople stuff and WiiFit body test [balance was PERFECT! i don't think i've ever gotten that before... a few fractions off, yes, but never perfect]. Then I did a couple loads of laundry, which is a constant nice weather task [I don't have a dryer, so all the "unnecessary" clothes & towels built up over the winter]. I've only got a few more loads to go, and then I'll be all caught up! Anyway, washing clothes totally counts as my arm workout for the day, because I don't have a washing machine and hand wash everything. Also, I tend to do squats during the process as well. See, I'm a multi-tasker! [I don't actually count it in sparkpeople as an exercise. I still have my strength training routine to do later!]

Finally, the laundry was washed and hanging out to dry in the sunshine, I had a nice lunch [roasted mushrooms and a slice of chickpea curry pizza], and got ready for a walk. Which actually took forever! I couldn't find anything, my sunscreen or my good headphones or my ipod case... I could tell that it had been forever since I went outside for some exercise. But I finally found things, or gave up on them, and headed out the door. I had two tasks I wanted to accomplish: find the bike path, and see if walkers/runners were allowed on it as well as cyclists [hey, you never know!]. If I'm going to take up running, I need somewhere safe to run [and, preferably, somewhere without a lot of random people able to see me!]. The sidewalks here are always broken [how I hurt my ankle at least one of the recent times] or, sometimes, nonexistent.

Thanks for the sidewalk, Rhode Island. [It was even worse on the other side!]
After about 40 minutes, I came upon the only entrance to the bikepath that I know:

Can you tell that the bikepath is neglected/underfunded?
This side is prettier, but the sign's missing a few letters.
If I kept going straight, I think it would've eventually circled back to my city, but I decided to go turn onto the path. I'll check out the other direction when I'm on my bike, because it might still drop me off miles away from my house.

I never found the river.
I walked for a bit and saw a few people but not many, despite the beautiful weather. The path was well marked and there were signs saying how many miles to certain spots on the route [and two thousand-something miles to Key West. Thanks, because I had half a mind to just walk there!]. I noticed that there was a picnic area just 0.4 miles away, so I figured that I'd walk there before turning around. This was just a brief excursion, after all, and I was wary of stressing my ankle.

But what if I want to ride my bike in the opposite direction?
I could tell that once the trees start blooming, it'll be a beautiful spot to walk in [and well shaded!] but for the moment, it was kind of boring.

It's definitely nothing to compare to the Lake Shore Drive bikepath, which I think I've been spoiled by with four years of living in Chicago:

Downtown skyline
On the plus side, Rhode Island's beaches are nicer. And not man-made.
I got to the picnic/rest area and surprise, I was right back on the road I had been walking almost the entire way to get here!

Hmm, Stop & Shop *is* within walking distance. It seemed further during the winter!
Due to funding, the bikepath isn't completed and often goes back onto regular roads, which is a letdown [I know I've been spoiled by Chicago and its awesome bike culture, okay?]. Still, I'll make do with what I have. At that point, I didn't want to stress my ankle so I turned around and headed home. This side of the road, the sidewalks were even more non-existent and dangerous.

And we wonder why more people don't walk around here...
I got home with no problems, the ankle was fine through the whole thing [although it did protest the very brief attempt I made at jogging... so I stopped that right away], and sparkpeople told me that I burned 450 calories on this walk. I don't believe that, but okay. I'm definitely going to make this a regular part of my exercise, whether biking or walking... once I get back from New York [I leave on Wednesday morning and will be spending pretty much all day tomorrow preparing].