They say that, when losing weight, change comes slowly. And that's true. But other times, it comes quickly.

The scale's barely budged, and I don't expect to have lost any inches since the beginning of the month, but I'm already noticing differences. Today, I made it through a full hour, no breaks, of cardio. Last week I felt like I'd die after twenty minutes, and today I thought that I could've kept going, even after an hour! I didn't, because I didn't want to tax my ankle too much [it made it through all the exercises fine, even the jumping!], but I would've gone for longer if it weren't for that stupid thing.

And then I did my strength training, which is definitely my least favourite part. Well, I do strength training during the other workouts, combined with cardio, but I'm supposed to do separate strength training on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday [except I tend to skip it a lot... oops]. Sparkpeople tells me exactly what to do, which is good. And last friday, I pretty much failed at it. Okay, I'm horrible at pushups, even the modified version. I know this. My arm strength is laughable and in addition to that, I have my always prevalent wrist problems. So last week, I barely got through the 2 reps of 12 pushups. And by "barely", I mean that I ended up breaking it down into four or five reps of a few each. With loooong breaks in between. Well, today, I got through the two reps with pretty much no problem [aside from the cats suddenly taking an interest in what I was doing, and one trying to walk UNDER MY STOMACH during it]. I was so impressed by this; I wouldn't say that I had an easy time of them, but it was definitely the easiest I've ever done them [even before the weight gain-- I did strength training back then, but I avoided push-ups!]. And the same could be said of everything I did. Last week, doing the superman, I could barely get an inch off the ground and hold it for a few seconds. Today, I was a few inches off the ground and held it for 15 seconds the first time, 1O the second. Definitely an improvement.

Tricep dips still kicked my ass [although not nearly as badly as last week, I should point out] but I think that's because they're completely unlike anything I've ever done in my entire life, and nothing in my other exercise routines helps out with them. I'm looking forward to the day they don't make me struggle as much. Maybe next week??

Nutrition-wise, today was a total success! I actually managed to hit ALL my targets [calories, carbs, fat, and protein], which is a big deal. I usually fall tragically short on the protein front, it's a problem with me. I mean, you don't get a major protein deficiency just by neglecting a gram or two of protein once in a while. Anyway, I've been trying to hit it but it's been difficult [next time my mom takes me shopping, I have to buy whole wheat flour... and she's bringing me couscous and quinoa which have lots of protein!]. I was actually thinking of going to Whole Foods and getting some vegan protein powder that they sell, because it's just been that difficult to get enough protein every day [seriously, most days I was falling 2O-3O grams short... which is half of my goal]. But today, I made it my priority to get enough protein and went searching recipes specifically for that. Still, even with trying really hard, I only just hit the very bottom of the healthy range [and I'd been trying all week, mind you, with no success]. *sigh* Maybe I should get some protein powder... just as back-up.

Look at that failure of protein [that one spike is from a day I ate an entire package of tofu. One package of tofu = 47 grams of protein. Unfortunately, I can't afford to eat that every single day]. Also, yes, I know that my carbs intake is pretty high but it's almost all good carbs, with the exception of the pizza dough I made the other day. Really, most of the carbs come from fruit and oatmeal and stuff. I never realized how fast they add up!

Anyway, I DID hit my protein goal today so that was a success. And my exercises were great and I feel wonderful! Oh man, I'd forgotten exactly how great it feels to have endorphins running through your body all the time. Also, I can actually feel my body changing: my back's stronger [normally it would protest at back extensions, but not tonight!], I'm standing up straighter [I actually feel taller], plus my endurance is obviously improving. Tell me again why I stopped working out?